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Colorful Fruits

Fruit Fresh Delivery

Fruit Fresh Delivery is South Florida's first corporate fruit delivery service.  We deliver healthy and delicious local farmer's market fruits directly to your office and schools, which is an excellent alternative to vending machine and processed snacks.  Our goal is to make companies healthier, one Fruit Fresh Delivery at a time.

Investing in fruit for employees provides the following benefits: 

 - Improves memory and focus

 - Naturally increases energy without the "crash" experienced       from high sugar/caffeinated snacks

 - Improves overall health of your employees by providing

   vitamins, minerals and immune system boosting anti-oxidants

 - It shows you care and commitment to employee health and

   well being

 - Healthy and happy employees miss less work days

 - Fresh fruit is a cost effective health food which tastes great

   and is good for your company's bottom line

In 2020 Fruit Fresh Delivery added another division to our line of products, the mobile fruit and vegetable stand.  During the pandemic we booked directly with homeowner's HOA's and brought the fresh fruit and vegetable market to them.  We currently offer this service to large corporate events and wellness fairs.  Please contact us for more information.  

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